PHP jdtounix() Function


Convert a Gregorian date to a Julian Day Count; then convert the Julian Day Count to Unix timestamp:

echo jdtounix($jd);
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Definition and Usage

The jdtounix() function converts Julian Day Count to Unix timestamp.

Note: This function will return false if the parameter jd is not inside the Unix epoch (which means that the Gregorian years must be between 1970 and 2037 OR that jd >= 2440588 and jd <= 2465342). The time returned is local time.

Tip: Look at the unixtojd() function to convert Unix timestamp to Julian Day Count.



Parameter Values

Parameter Description
jd Required. A Julian Day number between 2440588 and 2465342

Technical Details

Return Value: Returns the Unix timestamp for the start of the specified Julian day
PHP Version: 4+